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Planting the Seed

I want to write to share and gain ideas from others so that I can deepen and broaden my understanding of life and all its wonders. Join me on my journey.

Authenticity, growth, journey, learning, peace, Philosophy

The Underlying Truth- the Hardest Shields Defend the Most Fragile Souls

The Underlying Truth- the Hardest Shields Defend the Most Fragile Souls The hardest shields defend the most fragile souls What might seem like an egotistical attack externally, is in fact a desperate defence from within to protect a soul that has been hurt too many times a soul that was once open and unguarded so… Continue reading The Underlying Truth- the Hardest Shields Defend the Most Fragile Souls

Authenticity, growth, journey, learning, passion, peace, Spirituality

But, Why Medicine?

How I landed up here -Toluwani (Trinity Hub Conversations) When I was about 6 years old. I went on a class excursion to my local hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria. We got to meet these inspiring doctors doing their part to help people live more comfortable lives. They were all dressed in immaculate white and this… Continue reading But, Why Medicine?

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Leaving the Nest

To be resilient against the ones you love and all that is familiar and comfortable is very conflicting, yet extremely necessary. Many things may keep you back-fear,worry,guilt and pity, but you need to go. Go and grow and become. You owe it to yourself to love yourself so fearlessly that no-one can come in between you and your… Continue reading Leaving the Nest

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My Big, Bold, BUT, …

A woman’s perspective on: sexism, gender roles, abuse and self-image. Yes, we are female; yes, women are beautiful; yes, we have female bodies and yes, we like (or would like to) to express the femininity of our lovely female bodies BUT, being and expressing all that we are does not mean we should be sexualised,… Continue reading My Big, Bold, BUT, …